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Photo by sjphotographic

Brad has made art in some form as long as he can remember with his oldest surviving painting being made when he was just 2, as child and young teenager he was obsessed with photography and filmmaking, capturing a moment in time was fascinating to him!

As he got older he continued to explore all art forms he came across from music production to architecture all while taking photos and drawing. In 2019 continuing to explore art he decided to paint over a canvas he found, soon he would be exploring contemporary figurative painting being inspired by Picasso, Rothko and Basquiat.

Years later he has now developed a style to capture and intrigue the art community. He gathers much of his inspiration from personal experiences, other artists, animals and cultures around the world.

Even though he creates primarily for himself, his work has been well received by buyers and critics alike; featuring in private collections in the US and UK . 

During his first year of practice (2023) he has featured in 5 exhibitions, won an award, has a studio at Barewall Art Gallery, has built a great network of creatives and does frequent work for Artskeele

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